The MXL UR-1 is a USB ribbon microphone with a warm, smooth tone that's perfect for podcasts, broadcasts, voice-overs and vocals. With its distinctive vintage sound, it brings professional USB quality to desktop/office or board room recordings on PC and Mac computers.


USB Ribbon Microphone


The MXL UR-1 is the world's first USB ribbon microphone. Ribbon microphones are known for their smooth frequency response which makes these microphones a "must- have" in recording studios. The UR-1 delivers ultra-low noise and optimized pure sound. The Figure-8 pattern delivers excellent side rejection from unwanted noise sources while capturing voice and room sound.

  • The world's first USB ribbon microphone
  • Warm, mellow sound that's great for podcasts
  • CD/DVD-quality recordings that sound professional
  • Headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring
  • Distinctive design of a classic ribbon microphone

Instrument Microphone Broadcast Microphone Vocal Microphone Podcast Microphone

wired with Mogami Cable

USB Ribbon microphone
Ribbon Element:
1.8-micron aluminum ribbon
Frequency Response:
20Hz - 18kHz
Polar pattern:
Bi-directional (Figure-8)
A/D converter:
16-bit Delta Sigma
S/N Ratio:
89 dB
Power Requirements:
Bus-Powered / Compatible: USB 1.1 and 2.0
8.75 in. x 4.5 in.
Metal Finish:
Silver & Gold
Polar Pattern
Included Accessories
Carrying Case
6ft mini-USB cable
Desktop Stand
Carrying Case
6ft mini-USB cable
Desktop Stand
MXL Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
MXL Microfiber
Cleaning Cloth
Optional Accessories
BCD-Stand Desktop
MXL-PF-001 Pop Filter
MXL-PF-002 Metal Mesh Pop Filter
BCD-Stand Desktop
Microphone Stand
Pop Filter
Metal Mesh Pop Filter (Black)

Date: June 2012
Outlet/Show: rAVe Publications
Host: Allison Barnes
Media Outlet: Future Music
Broadcast: Allison Barnes Interviews Kevin Weiss re: Tempo, Studio 24,
USB .009, and the UR1

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MXL UR-1 Microphone

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