MXL's latest microphones bring superior quality to studio, USB and field recordings, live performances, Web conferences, podcasts and broadcasts. Our recording mics deliver outstanding vocals, instruments and percussion in the studio or on a computer, and our handheld mics deliver excellent sound on the stage.

MXL Mic Locker 800 Series Microphones
MXL Mic Locker
6-Piece Studio
Microphone Kit
MXL 840 Pair of Small Diaphragm Instrument mic
MXL 840 Pair
Small Diaphragm Instrument Microphone Pair
MXL 860 Ribbon
Side Adress Ribbon Microphone
MXL 870 Utility
Studio Condenser Microphone
MXL 880 Vocal
Large Capsule Vocal Condenser Microphone
MXL Trio microphone
MXL 890 Critical Vocal
Vocal Studio Condenser Microphone

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